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Face op woman passes public test
Graphic showing which part of the face was affected
The patient cannot be identified under French privacy laws
The French woman who received the world's first partial face transplant has been out in public without drawing stares, her surgeon says.

The 38-year-old divorced mother of two received the transplant on 27 November after being mauled by her pet dog.

"Every day she passes by people with her face uncovered - and they don't necessarily recognise her," said the surgeon, Dr Bernard Devauchelle.

He told a French newspaper there were plans for five more face transplants.

The woman - who has not been named - is now walking, riding a bike, chatting and eating, the surgeon told Le Courrier Picard.

She is still undergoing treatment however at hospitals in Lyon and Amiens.

"When you look at her you realise there is something not quite normal about her facial mobility. But a certain expressiveness is slowly coming back," he said.

The woman lost her nose, both lips and her chin after she was mauled by her Labrador while she slept.

The dog was later put down, against the family's wishes.

Facial tissue from a donor from Lille, who was brain-dead, was used in the operation to repair the severe damage to the woman's face.

1 Triangle of skin and muscle tissue is cut away from donor's face
2 Blood vessels and nerves from face section are connected to recipient using microvascular surgery

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