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Man told to thaw parents' bodies
Cryogenic freezing
Cryogenic theory adherents say frozen bodies can be revived
France's top court has told a man he must cremate or bury the bodies of his parents that he has kept frozen for years in the cellar of his chateau.

Remy Martinot's parents' bodies have been stored in deep-freeze caskets in accordance with his father's hope that they may be revived in the future.

The court said the bodies must be moved because of public health concerns.

Mr Martinot is considering appealing against the decision at the European Court of Human Rights, his lawyer says.

Remy Martinot's father, a doctor and a believer in the theory that cryogenically-frozen bodies can be brought back to life, died in 2002.

Raymond Martinot
Mr Martinot's father showed his wife's body to tourists

His body then joined that of his late wife, frozen in the family cellar since her death in 1984.

The doctor had been paying for the freezer where his wife's body was stored at minus 65C (minus 85F) by charging visitors to view it.

Remy Martinot had filed a legal request to keep both his parents' bodies frozen at his home in Neuil-sur-Layon in the Loire valley.

Rejecting his request, France's top court ruled that the bodies must be cremated or buried in "the interests of public order and public health".

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