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Last Updated: Tuesday, 3 January 2006, 18:10 GMT
Patisserie pampers Paris pooches
By Caroline Wyatt
BBC correspondent in Paris

Mon Bon Chien dog patisserie
Mon Bon Chien makes 200 to 300 biscuits every day

Paris is well known as a canine form of paradise, with the city's 200,000 dogs welcome in department stores and even allowed to eat at the table in the best restaurants.

Now though one entrepreneur has ingeniously combined Parisians' two real passions - for their pets and gourmet food - to produce the perfect Parisian patisserie: a bakery devoted to dogs.

It sells bacon biscuits in the shape of a cat, or garlic and cheese flavour, and even bone-shaped cookies made of real foie gras.

All are on offer here, sugar and salt-free for the sensitive pet.

'Pastries and pets'

The boutique's owner is an award-winning pastry chef. But - whisper it quietly, so that spoilt Parisian pooches don't hear - she's an American.

Harriet Sternstein
Proprietor Harriet Sternstein is an award-winning pastry chef

Harriet Sternstein moved to Paris from the United States with her dog Sophie-Marie, a golden labrador with a love of biscuits and glamorous pink nail varnish.

Sophie-Marie provided the inspiration for the new business for her owner, who decided the best way to make a living was to combine her biggest enthusiasms - pastries and pets.

And so far, the patisserie Mon Bon Chien has been a real hit with Parisians - both the two- and four-legged varieties.

Gourmet flavours

"Everything is made in the back of the boutique," said Ms Sternstein.

"Every day, I make 200 to 300 biscuits and special orders are taken on a daily basis.

"The Parisians come - and the first time they think it's very funny and they look at it, and buy the ones that they think are the cutest. Then the dogs come back and choose which flavours they like the best.

Foie gras dog biscuits
Biscuit flavours include foie gras

"It's not so much a matter of the form that they're in, but the taste. We have peanut butter bears, we have vegetable stars, we have foie gras, which is actual foie gras that you and I would eat," she explains.

"Those are the butterflies and then their little shapes; we also have the bacon cats.

"I change flavours, based on what's going on for the holidays. We did a whole Halloween one, Christmas and next, I think it will be Valentine's Day."

The biscuits can also be eaten by humans, although Ms Sternstein advises using your back teeth to chew them rather than your canines!

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