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Last Updated: Thursday, 29 December 2005, 12:02 GMT
Turkish press attacks insult law
Turkish press

Many Turkish papers are strongly critical of a law against insulting the state and raise concerns about the ongoing trial of prominent novelist Orhan Pamuk.

Some papers regret that the law - Article 301 of the penal code - might also lead to charges against Dutch Member of the European Parliament Joost Lagendijk saying that it might damage Turkey's international image and dash its EU membership hopes.


This cannot continue in this way. Every application for a lawsuit creates a new problem. They cause big arguments inside and outside Turkey. Those who are looking for an opportunity to sideline our country from the EU are finding the opportunity they are looking for.


The Pamuk case being brought to trial was already a mistake... The lawsuit is also causing huge damage to Turkey's image. There are no such lawsuits in developed countries.


If this article of the penal code causes an investigation into Joost Lagendijk as well, it certainly has to be changed... If the attorney-general attempts to interpret this article strictly, we shall all have to be imprisoned.


It was clear that some articles of the new Turkish penal code would cause trouble for Turkey... With these current goings-on, Turkey will not have a single "friend" left who has not been mistreated.


We cannot imagine how Joost Lagendijk will come to be imprisoned in Turkey. However, we are watching in amazement how "Turkey with 301" is moving from 2005 into 2006.

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