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Last Updated: Saturday, 17 December 2005, 13:44 GMT
Key points of the EU budget deal
Here are the key points of the deal reached by EU leaders at the Brussels summit.

The budget

  • Overall budget for 2007-13 set at 862.36bn euros, or 1.045% of the EU's combined gross national income.

  • Britain gives up 10.5bn euros, or roughly 20% of the rebate it would have otherwise received over the seven years. The rebate is still set to rise from its current level of about 5bn, on average, over the last few years. However, it will be smaller as a proportion of the UK's net contribution to the EU budget.

    The maximum total figure for expenditure for EU 27 for the period 2007-13 is 862,363m euros
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  • The European Commission is asked to hold a "full and wide-ranging" review of all EU spending, including the Common Agricultural Policy and the British rebate, and to draw up a report in 2008/9. EU governments will be able to take decisions on all subjects covered by the review - but will also be able to wield their veto.

  • Development aid for poorer countries set at 157bn euros. This is 7bn euros more than the UK envisaged in its first proposal on 5 December, but less than Luxembourg proposed at the last summit in June. The rules for accessing the money are relaxed.

  • The farm spending budget will be 293bn euros, as agreed at an earlier summit. However, there will be no extra money for Bulgaria and Romania once they join in 2007 or 2008, so the cash will end up being shared between 27 states rather than 25.

  • A range of countries were offered sweeteners, of one kind or another. The Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and Austria - all big contributors to the budget - will get away with paying less than they would have. Spain's poorer regions will continue receiving development aid for longer than originally planned. Spain and Italy got extra money for research and development.

  • All figures are expressed in 2004 euros, and will be automatically increased in line with inflation.


  • Macedonia is granted candidate country status, however, leaders made clear that "further steps" would have to be considered in the light of a "debate on the enlargement strategy".

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