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Last Updated: Monday, 9 May, 2005, 11:59 GMT 12:59 UK
Floods wreak havoc across Romania
Rescuers in Otelec, western Romania
Otelec, western Romania: Rescuers evacuated thousands of villagers
Fresh storms and floods have damaged hundreds of homes in Romania, where some 3,700 people were evacuated after flooding last month.

Romanian officials said the latest floods in the south and east cut electricity in some 17 villages.

Reports say two elderly people drowned at the weekend.

Villages in western Romania and neighbouring parts of Serbia are still reeling from storms which caused the Timis River to overflow.

Romanian officials say dead animals and stagnant water are a serious health hazard.

The floods are reported to be the worst to hit the area for 40 years.

Ovidiu Draganescu, an official in Romania's Timis county, said planes had been spraying mosquito repellent over several villages, but supplies were dwindling.

A huge clean-up is under way in Romania and Serbia, in areas hit by the Timis River floods. Animal carcasses are being collected and flood barriers strengthened.


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