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Last Updated: Monday, 12 December 2005, 19:08 GMT
Dutch Iraqi may face extradition
US troops in Iraq
US troops have been the target of roadside bombs in Iraq
A court has ruled that an Iraqi-born Dutch citizen can be extradited to the United States to face charges of taking part in the insurgency in Iraq.

The case against Wesam al Delaema, 32, includes footage of him in a video allegedly preparing a roadside bomb to target US troops near Falluja in 2003.

But he says he is innocent as he would have been beheaded if he had refused.

If the extradition goes ahead, he could be the first terrorism suspect tried in the US for alleged offences in Iraq.


The Rotterdam court heard that Mr Delaema had spoken of his hatred for the US and his anger about the war in a television interview with a Canadian journalist.

He was arrested in May and charged with planning attacks on US forces in Iraq. Proceedings against him were interrupted by the US extradition request.

Mr Delaema claims he was forced to make the video after being kidnapped and beaten. He feared he would be beheaded if he refused.

His defence lawyers say they will appeal to the Dutch Supreme Court. In the meantime, the decision on whether to go ahead with the extradition lies with the justice ministry.

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