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Last Updated: Friday, 29 April 2005, 17:09 GMT 18:09 UK
Full text: US-Italy statement on Calipari
Italy and the US say they have disagreed on the conclusions of a joint inquiry into the killing of Italian secret agent Nicola Calipari in Baghdad by US troops.

Below is the full text of a joint statement issued by the Italian ministry of foreign affairs and the US state department.

  1. On 4 March 2005, in the line of duty, a remarkable man gave his life, a senior SISMI officer who was extremely loyal to the Italian republic and a valued friend of the United States.

  2. This man was Nicola Calipari, and in his memory, and for what he heroically achieved, he was rightly awarded, by the president of the Italian republic, the Gold Medal for Military Valour. Our souls are saddened by his tragic death, and our loving and grateful thought goes to his family. Both Italy and the United States of America owe him deep and eternal gratitude.

  3. In order to fully clarify the dynamics of the incident in which he was killed, Prime Minister Berlusconi and President Bush agreed to conduct a joint investigation with the full participation of representatives of both countries.

  4. On 13 March, the Italian representatives arrived in Baghdad and joined the American investigators as full participants in the investigative process, collecting statements and forensic tests based on the procedure applicable to the investigation. The work, carried out in a spirit of strong mutual co-operation, was intense and fruitful.

  5. The joint investigation is now completed.

  6. The investigators did not arrive at shared final conclusions even though, after examining jointly the evidence, they did agree on facts, findings and recommendations on numerous issues. The investigators are reporting to their respective national authorities in accordance with national regulations and procedures.

  7. Italy and United States are strong allies and enjoy a close and vibrant friendship, based on shared values and ideals. These values compel us to stand side-by-side with the Iraqi people, at the request of the sovereign Iraqi government and under the mandate of the United Nations to help build a strong, democratic and secure Iraq.

  8. We honour the brave men and women of our two countries who have offered their lives in this effort to help the people of Iraq.

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