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The end of the war quiz
The war in Europe drew to a close 60 years ago this week, triggering celebration, relief, grief and reflection across the continent. Test your knowledge of some key events of the end of the war with our quiz.

Question 1
At the start of which year in the war is Germany estimated to have had its greatest number of tanks?
A: 1940
B: 1942
C: 1945
Question 2
How did German V2 rocket scientist Wernher Von Braun attempt to escape from advancing Russian forces?
A: He forged documents, gathered together some 500 scientists, and stole a train in an effort to reach American troops
B: He devised an experimental jet-pack and plotted a low-level flight to neutral Sweden
C: He sealed himself in a secret underground bunker beneath his laboratory with enough supplies for a year
Question 3
Which of the following did Hitler not do in his political last testament?
A: Blame the war on the ruling political elite in England, the "tool of international Jewry"
B: Rail against critics who had ignored his potential as an artist and architect
C: Call on the German people not to give up the struggle in any circumstances
Question 4
What was Adolf Hitler asked to confirm at his wedding to Eva Braun, held in his bunker on 29 April 1945?
A: That his name was Adolf Hitler
B: That he was a bachelor
C: That he was of pure Aryan descent
D: All of the above
Question 5
How did Hitler's doctors check that cyanide pills supplied to the Nazi leader were potent enough to cause instant death?
A: They tested them on Russian prisoners of war
B: They gave them to Hitler's pet alsatian, Blondi
C: They took them themselves
Question 6
What was "Radio Werwolf"?
A: Allied broadcasts aimed at undermining Russian morale to prevent the Red Army advancing too far into Germany
B: The codename of an experimental jet aircraft with which Hitler hoped to regain air superiority
C: A propaganda radio station set up by Josef Goebbels to encourage suicidal resistance to enemy forces
Question 7
As the war drew to a close, a number of countries joined the Allies and declared war on Germany. Which of the following did not?
A: Republic of Ireland
B: Finland
C: Paraguay
D: Saudi Arabia
Question 8
Who succeeded Hitler as leader of the Third Reich?
A: Heinrich Himmler
B: Hermann Goering
C: Karl Doenitz
D: Josef Goebbels
Question 9
How did SS chief Heinrich Himmler attempt to escape capture by Allied forces?
A: He faked death by dressing a corpse in his trademark leather coat
B: He assumed the identity and clothing of a Belgian painter and decorator
C: He donned a German military police uniform and an eye patch
Question 10
What was the "National Redoubt"?
A: A UK think-tank which urged the Allies to slow their advance believing the Nazis to have vast forces in reserve
B: A US financial scheme which allowed private citizens to become individual shareholders in bomber aircraft
C: A never-realised plan for Hitler to flee south from Berlin and direct a last stand from his base in the Bavarian mountains
Question 11
Complete this quote from Winston Churchill's address to VE Day crowds: "We were the first, in this ancient island, to draw the ____ against tyranny"
A: Line
B: Sword
C: Pistol
Question 12
Who were "The Lost Division"?
A: A phantom panzer army which Hitler hoped could raise the siege of Berlin
B: A British tank corps which accidentally fought an hour long battle with Soviet forces near the River Elbe
C: Thousands of American deserters living native in France at the end of the war

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