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Last Updated: Tuesday, 29 November 2005, 15:43 GMT
'Saddam's uniform' up for auction
Saddam Hussein and his sons
The uniform on sale resembles the one Saddam Hussein wears here
A military uniform said to have belonged to deposed Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein is being offered for sale by a US auction website.

The green uniform, with epaulettes bearing the mark of Saddam Hussein's rank in the Iraqi army, has a starting price of $5,000 (2,900).

A US soldier found the item during the assault on Baghdad airport in 2003, according to the website, Manions.com.

Saddam Hussein is in US custody facing trial for crimes against humanity.

He adopted a variety of garbs during his 24-year reign, sometimes appearing as an Arab sheikh, at others, wearing a modern hat and suit in the manner of a Western businessman.

But the olive-green military uniform is the costume most commonly associated with the Iraqi leader, often seen wearing it in televised addresses and meetings with foreign dignitaries.

Manions says it expects the uniform to sell for well over its starting price.

"We have only seen one other Hussein uniform here at Manion's, and it realised over $20,000 [11,600] at auction," the auctioneer's website says.

US military orders prohibit troops from taking souvenirs and artefacts from Iraq except in rare circumstances, according to a US military spokesman quoted by the Reuters news agency.

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