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Last Updated: Tuesday, 15 November 2005, 16:59 GMT
Briton jailed for Spanish murder
Tony King
King retracted a confession he made about the killing
A British man has been given a 36-year jail term for murdering a Spanish teenager on the Costa del Sol.

Tony King, from London, had denied kidnapping and strangling Sonia Carabantes, 17. Under Spanish law he will serve a maximum of 30 years.

Sonia was last seen at a fairground near her home in Coin, near Malaga, on 14 August 2003. Her naked body was found five days later under a rock.

He is also suspected of killing another girl, Rocio Wanninkhof, 19, in 1999.

King was sentenced to 23 years for killing Sonia, a further five for kidnap and eight for assault.

If it's 36, he should serve the lot and not be forgiven, even for a day
Encarnación Guzmán
Mother of Sonia Carabantes

During the trial which opened last month, King claimed the charges against him were cooked-up "theories".

The judges at Malaga's Palace of Justice also ruled King had to pay 300,000 euros (Ł202,000) to the family of his victim.


Sonia's mother, Encarnación Guzmán, said: ''I'm happy with 36 years.

"I only want him to complete the whole sentance, so that he stays inside and doesn't leave and that if he does leave it's feet first.

"If it's 36, he should serve the lot and not be forgiven, even for a day.''

BBC correspondent Danny Wood in Madrid said Sonia Carabantes had disappeared when she was returning home from a fiesta.

Her body was found in a shallow grave after days of intensive searching by police.

A post-mortem examination found the student had been strangled and attacked. A month later King was arrested.

During his trial, King insisted he was innocent after retracting a confession.

Spanish authorities were warned by British police in 1998 that they feared King was a danger to women.

'Holloway Strangler'

A year earlier Surrey Police had realised Tony King and the so-called 'Holloway Stranger' Tony Bromwich were the same person.

The force gave Interpol his fingerprint details, as well as information on past crimes and his address in Spain.

Police want to talk to King about the murder of Milly Dowler

Bromwich had changed his name to King by deed poll after serving a decade in prison in Britain for a series of attacks on women in north London during the 1980s.

An Old Bailey jury had heard he had crept up behind his victims and throttled them with a cord before sexually assaulting them.

After coming out of prison and changing his name, he left Britain in 1997 with his Chilean-born wife Cecilia for a new life in Spain.

Scotland Yard is among UK forces which have wanted to speak to King about a number of unsolved murders and rapes which they thought might fit his modus operandi.

Commander Andy Baker has said the murder of 13-year-old Milly Dowler in March 2002 was among those they were investigating.

It is thought King will still face a separate trial for the murder of Spanish teenager Ms Wanninkhof.

King is thought to be wanted for questioning by police in Britain investigating several unsolved sex crimes but a Scotland Yard spokesman said they could not comment until the second trial was over.



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