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Last Updated: Friday, 8 April, 2005, 21:47 GMT 22:47 UK
Memorial at Berlin Wall 'must go'
Wooden crosses stand next to a re-erected strip of the former Berlin Wall in Berlin
Some see the memorial as being in poor taste
A German court has ordered a private museum to tear down a controversial memorial to the Berlin Wall.

The memorial - a rebuilt section of the wall - was erected last year at the site of Checkpoint Charlie, one of the border crossings into old East Berlin.

The Berlin state court upheld a demand by the bank which owns the land for the monument to be removed along with more than 1,000 crosses erected there.

They are supposed to represent those who died trying to cross the wall.

The head of the group that put up the memorial at the former crossing in central Berlin between east and west said she would be appealing against the judgement.

"We will not give up responsibility for this historic place," said Alexandra Hildebrandt, who heads the Checkpoint Charlie museum that was founded by her late husband.

"Checkpoint Charlie is a place where the Allies should be thanked for protecting the freedom of Berlin and where the victims should be commemorated."

The memorial has been criticised by some Berlin city leaders, who say it is in poor taste.

Some also argue that the new German capital already has two monuments to the wall, which was pulled down in November 1989.

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