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Mourning the Pope around the world
Special masses, gatherings and symbolic events are taking place around the world to mark the funeral in Rome on Friday of Pope John Paul II.

Here is a list of some of them, grouped by geographical area.


Soweto, South Africa: Regina Mundi, the biggest Catholic church, holds a special Mass in the Johannesburg township in remembrance of the man who had opposed apartheid in their country

Kenyan at a Mass in Nairobi
Kenyans gathered for Mass in Nairobi
Lusaka, Zambia: Day of national mourning declared

Brazzaville, Republic of Congo: Day of national mourning declared

Praia , Cape Verde: Masses and prayer meetings held


Sao Paulo, Brazil: 10,000 worshippers gather for a memorial service at the Third Byzantine Sanctuary

Worshippers hold pictures of the Pope at a Mass in Mexico City
Worshippers in Mexico City remembered the Pope
Aparecida, Brazil: Services held across the town, the country's main point of pilgrimage

Mexico City, Mexico: Thousands line the route followed by the Popemobile once used by John Paul II. It makes a slow procession through the city escorted by police cars, motorcycles and a helicopter, the Pope's seat occupied by a giant picture of the pontiff. Thousands more flock to the basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, where giant television screens broadcast the Pope's funeral from Rome.


Beijing, China: Despite official media blackout on the Pope's funeral, Catholic churches still hold Masses to commemorate the Pope

Crown Prince Naruhito at a memorial service in Tokyo
Crown Prince Naruhito led a memorial service in Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan: Crown Prince Naruhito joins 1,500 dignitaries for mass in a Tokyo church

Manila, Philippines: Thousands hold a prayer rally and Mass in Luneta Park, where the Pope celebrated Mass in January 1995

Sydney, Australia: Worshippers watch funeral on large screens set up inside St Mary's Cathedral

Hanoi, Vietnam: Hundreds of people gather at St Joseph's Cathedral, where some mourners wear white headbands signifying reverence for a dead parent

Taiwan: 300,000 Catholics due to gather at night-time Masses


Krakow, Poland: Almost one million people gather at one of the city's parks to watch the requiem Mass in Rome on a video screen. Sirens sound to mark the start of the funeral; businesses, cinemas and banks shut; a 26-gun salute is fired at end of funeral ceremony

Trafalgar Square, London
In London, people watched the funeral in the rain
Paris, France: Seven thousand worshippers pack Notre Dame Cathedral where the funeral is broadcast on television screens, while hundreds of people follow the funeral on a giant screen outside

Lourdes, France: Four thousand people attend Mass, where a golden rose presented by the Pope on a pilgrimage to the site in 2004 is placed on the altar

London, UK: Hundreds watch funeral on a giant screen in Trafalgar Square, while around 100 people gather for a service at Westminster Cathedral

Dublin, Ireland: Church bells toll, flags fly at half-mast; Roman Catholic schools close; thousands of people attended a "sunset service of remembrance" in Phoenix Park, where the Pope spoke during a visit in 1979


Baghdad, Iraq: State-run al-Iraqiyah television broadcasts funeral live; church services held by country's minority Christian community

Rabat, Morocco: King Mohammed VI and members of the government attend a requiem Mass


Calcutta, India: Pope's funeral broadcast on a giant television screen at Mother House, established by Catholic nun Mother Teresa; several thousand people attend Mass in St Thomas Church

Delhi, India: Special Mass is held on Friday night

Karachi, Pakistan: All Christian schools are closed; a special prayer session is held in St Patrick's Cathedral

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