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Tributes from world cities

People all over the world have been paying tribute to Pope John Paul II, who died on 2 April, and sharing their memories.

The BBC News website spoke to people on the streets of several major cities, including the Pope's former home Krakow, and Sao Paulo, the largest city in Brazil, the country with more baptised Catholics than any other.


Mourners in Krakow reflect on the death of the Pope

Marcin, 19, student, Krakow

"He was a really good friend to the young people of Poland.

"It was really sad when he was getting worse and worse.

"The next Pope will have a hard task.

"He was our guide in modern times and his main message was love."


Brazilian Catholics in Sao Paulo remember the Pope

Maria Ferreira da Silva, 58

"I think it is a very sad event.

"For me, he is a good pope.

"I believe that anyone who says they are a Catholic but doesn't believe in the pope is not a Catholic.

"He didn't tolerate things that he believed to be wrong, and demanded that we obey his teachings."


Catholic faithful in Rome gather to grieve for Pope John Paul II

Arianna Ranocchi, 28, hotel manager and Simone Luciani, 33, business consultant

"He was an example to all of us.

"With Mother Teresa and Gandhi, he was one of the most positive people of the last century. He taught Christian values by example.

"He spoke directly to young people. He brought a whole generation closer to the Church."


Kenyans remember John Paul II

Caroline Mukami, 25

"We have lost a very important person.

"He kept on encouraging people.

"He was especially encouraging of the youth."


Nigerians give thanks to Pope John Paul II

Prince Eje Oyewole, 64

"I feel sad about the Pope.

"He has been a very good pope, very accommodating and the most travelled and definitely ordained from above.

"I would say he cares about the Third World and the world at large.

"This is a pope who doesn't want to see any human suffering."


South Koreans give remembrance to the Pope

Seo Ri Sa, 24

"It just feels so distant, as if it never happened.

"The Catholic Church tends to be quite conservative and I don't think things will change overnight just because of the death of the Pope.

"I do feel saddened, but the grief is not personal."


Madrid in Catholic Spain marks the passing of the Pope

Antonio Sanchez Moreno, 63, locksmith

"Well the Pope is like any other person.

"He goes the same way as all of us.

"Like my father, your father and everyone.

"I'm sorry, but that's life."


Tributes to the Pope from the city of Boston in the US

David Jonson, 37

"I am saddened.

"Saddened even though I'm not Catholic.

"He tried to change the world.

"But they wouldn't listen to him.

"He's going to heaven."


People in the UK react to the Pope's death

Megan Long, 30

"I'm not a Catholic but I think he brought a lot of peace and reconciliation to nations and cultures.

"He could build bridges which others were not willing to do, and he did it with grace and humility.

"He was a very great man."


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