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Last Updated: Friday, 1 April 2005, 06:54 GMT 07:54 UK
Vatican statement: Pope's heart failure
Text of Vatican statement on Pope John Paul II's health on Friday, 1 April 2005.

"This morning, the Holy Father's health condition is very grave.

Yesterday afternoon, 31 March, as has been already announced, following a urinary infection, a state of septic shock and cardio-circulatory collapse set in.

The Holy Father was immediately assisted by the medical team in His Holiness' private apartments.

All appropriate therapeutic provisions and cardio-respiratory assistance were provided.

The Holy Father's will to remain in his apartments was respected. They are equipped with complete and efficient health facilities.

Late yesterday afternoon there was a temporary stabilisation of the clinical framework which, however, in the following hours evolved negatively.

The Holy Father's condition is being attentively monitored and watched over.

The Holy Father is conscious, lucid and tranquil. At 1917 (1717 GMT Thursday) he received the Holy Viaticum . At 0600 (0400 GMT) today, the Holy Father celebrated Holy Mass.

The cardinal secretary of state and the closest aides of the Holy Father are united with him in prayer and are following the clinical conditions of His Holiness.

The Pope is being assisted by his personal doctor Renato Buzzonetti, as well as two intensive care specialists, a cardiologist and an ear, nose and throat specialist as well as two nurses."

Pilgrims gather in Rome to pray for Pope John Paul II

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