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Last Updated: Sunday, 30 October 2005, 10:02 GMT
Paris suburb hit by more rioting
Marchers walk past shell of car burnt out in riots
Many cars have been set alight during three nights of rioting
Nine youths are being held by French police following a third night of unrest in a Paris suburb.

A spokesman for the local authority in Clichy-sous-Bois said the youths had been throwing missiles and petrol bombs, and 15 cars were set on fire.

Three hundred police officers in mobile units are on patrol in the town, which has a large immigrant population.

The violence began on Thursday after the deaths of two local teenagers said to have been fleeing police.

The authorities deny that officers were chasing the boys, who were electrocuted after entering an electricity sub-station.


Saturday saw hundreds of mourners pay homage to the teenagers by holding a peaceful procession in the suburb.

The father (r) of one of two young boys whose deaths prompted riots in Paris
The march was led by the families of the dead boys
Marchers observed several minutes' silence and laid flowers a few metres from the spot where Ziad, aged 17, and Banou, 15, died.

The violence on Saturday night was significantly less than on the two preceding nights, police said.

On Friday, 23 police officers were reported to have been injured in clashes involving hundreds of youths and riot police.

An investigation into the boys' deaths by judicial and internal police authorities is under way.

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