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Last Updated: Saturday, 29 October 2005, 22:28 GMT 23:28 UK
More arrests over Denmark 'plot'
Court building where the four suspects were held in Glostrup, Denmark
Danish police say the group may have been planning its own attack
Two more young men have been remanded in custody in Denmark in connection with a suspected terrorist cell.

The arrests bring to six the number arrested in a case said to have links to Bosnia.

All police are willing to say is that the two knew the four who were remanded in custody at the end of the week.

The remand hearing was heard behind double closed doors, which means no details about the two men or charges against them may be made public.

What the police authorities are willing to say is that the two have been detained on suspicion of possible conspiracy to commit a terrorist attack, the same generic charges that the four detained on Thursday night are facing.

Danish police are said to have been tipped off by the Bosnian police about a possible terrorist cell in Denmark following the arrest of what appears to have been a suicide group in Bosnia.

That group, according to the Bosnian police, had been preparing to attack either the British or American embassies in Sarajevo and a large amount of explosives, weapons, a suicide belt and a video recording were found in their flats.

Tension with Muslims

It remains unclear what the link between the group in Bosnia and the group in Copenhagen may have been, although the Danish police say they believe they are able to connect the two.

They say they cannot rule out that the group in Denmark was also planning an attack, although they have no direct evidence of that.

The case comes at a time when Denmark is experiencing severe problems in relations with its Muslim community.

Ten ambassadors from Islamic countries have complained bitterly to the Danish authorities over the publication in one of the country's main broadsheet newspapers of a series of caricatures of the prophet Mohammed.

The prime minister has refused to meet the ambassadors in the case, who in turn have threatened to cause an international diplomatic incident if the prime minister at least does not issue a statement saying he disapproves of the caricatures.

Eleven Muslim organisations have also now filed a police complaint for blasphemy against the newspaper.

The BBC's Julian Isherwood in Copenhagen says that it is in this atmosphere that the arrest of six, 16-20-year old Muslims on what appears so far at least to be very flimsy evidence may serve to further alienate the Muslim community in Denmark.

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