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Last Updated: Tuesday, 1 March, 2005, 16:21 GMT
'Gongadze killers' held by police
Georgiy Gongadze
Georgiy Gongadze was killed in the year 2000
The suspected killers of prominent Ukrainian journalist Georgiy Gongadze have been detained, President Viktor Yushchenko has said.

"There are reasons to assert that the murder of Gongadze has been solved," the president told reporters in Kiev.

Mr Yushchenko said the suspects were being questioned.

The headless body of the internet reporter, a critic of then President Leonid Kuchma, was found soon after he was abducted in the year 2000.

Mr Kuchma has repeatedly denied any involvement.

Mr Yushchenko pledged that solving the Gongadze case would be among his top priorities when he took office earlier this year.


Gongadze, the founder of the crusading web site Ukrayinska Pravda, attacked what he saw as the incompetent and corrupt administration of Mr Kuchma.

His beheaded and acid-laced body was discovered a few weeks after he disappeared five years ago. His head has never been found.

The discovery prompted mass street protests and seriously undermined the reputation of Mr Kuchma.

Mr Kuchma's chosen presidential successor, Viktor Yanukovych, was defeated by Mr Yushchenko during hotly-disputed elections last year.

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