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Take the Turkey test!
Istanbul bridge
Istanbul: The bridge over the... what?
After years of hesitation, the EU has started membership talks with Turkey.

The country could become a member some time after 2014.

But now is a good time to start brushing up on your knowledge of the country and its history with our Turkey test.

Question 1
In which decade did Turkey apply for associate membership of the European Community / European Union?
A: 1950s
B: 1970s
C: 1990s
Question 2
What is the capital of Turkey?
A: Constantinople
B: Istanbul
C: Ankara
Question 3
What is the name of the stretch of water that divides Istanbul in two?
A: The Dardanelles
B: The Bosphorus
C: The Hellespont
Question 4
Which of the following is a Turkish word for “mountain range”?
A: Alp
B: Balkan
C: Caucasus
Question 5
Who founded the state of Turkey?
A: Suleyman the Magnificent
B: Enver Pasha
C: Mustafa Kemal
Question 6
Which of these countries first gave women the vote?
A: France
B: Turkey
C: Spain
Question 7
What are “Twisted turban”, “Lady’s navel” and “Nightingale’s nest”?
A: Turkish wrestling holds
B: Turkish folk songs
C: Turkish pastries
Question 8
How much of Turkey’s territory falls within the continent of Europe?
A: About 5%
B: About 50%
C: About 100%
Question 9
Which of the following items of clothing was banned in Turkey in 1925?
A: Spats
B: The fez
C: The veil
Question 10
Which of the following was not born in what is now Turkey?
A: St Paul, writer of several books of the New Testament
B: St Peter, the apostle
C: St Nicholas, forerunner of Santa Claus
Question 11
Ottoman armies reached the gates of Vienna twice, in the 16th and 17th Centuries but failed to take it. Which one of these cities did become part of the Ottoman empire?
A: Budapest
B: Venice
C: Kiev
Question 12
Which one of the following did the Ottoman army bequeath to Vienna?
A: Sultanas
B: Coffee
C: Salami

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