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Last Updated: Saturday, 26 February, 2005, 15:28 GMT
Dutch seek clues to jewel heist
Schiphol airport
KLM staff were threatened in the raid
Dutch investigators are questioning witnesses about Friday's reported 75m-euro (52m) theft of diamonds and other jewels from Amsterdam airport.

An armed gang disguised as airport workers entered a secured area and hijacked a lorry about to load the valuables onto a flight to Antwerp.

Security staff from the airline, KLM, were threatened but no-one was hurt.

The empty lorry was later recovered in a nearby town. Police are searching the vehicle for evidence.

World's biggest robberies
Feb 2005: 52m diamond and jewel theft at Amsterdam airport, Netherlands
Feb 2003: 65m diamond robbery in Antwerp, Belgium
1994: 29m gems raid in Cannes, France
Jul 1987: 60m robbery at Knightsbridge safety deposit centre, London
Nov 1983: 26m Brinks Mat robbery at Heathrow, London
Jan 1976: 22m robbery at British Bank of the Middle East in Beirut, Lebanon
Apr 1945: Reichsbank in Berlin, Germany looted. Estimated 2.5bn stolen.
Source: Guinness World Records

Correspondents say it is the second time a KLM flight has been robbed in six months.

The gems were on their way to a flight bound for Antwerp, Europe's diamond capital, when the robbers struck.

Nobody was injured in the raid, KLM said.

Schiphol police told the BBC that the robbery happened just before the "high value goods" were going to be loaded onto the plane and that there were plenty of witnesses.

A team of 25 detectives is involved in the investigation.



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