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Last Updated: Thursday, 10 March, 2005, 12:14 GMT
Pope's medical bulletins
Following are the full texts of medical bulletins issued by the Vatican after Pope John Paul II was taken to hospital with flu-related symptoms on 24 February.

He was readmitted just two weeks after he was discharged from the hospital, having been treated for similar symptoms.

1245 (1145 GMT) :: Thursday 10 March

The Holy Father, following the advice of his doctors, will extend his stay in the Gemelli Polyclinic by a few more days, in order to complete his convalescence which is progressing regularly.

I do not expect to issue another communique before Monday, 14 March.

1230 (1130 GMT) :: Monday 7 March

The general conditions of the Holy Father continue to improve, which allows the Pope to spend long periods of the day in an armchair.

No complications have arisen because of the tracheotomy surgery.

Continual improvement can also be seen in speaking, thanks to the daily rehabilitation sessions.

Furthermore, doctors have prescribed a prudent limitation in the Pope's use of his voice so as to promote a better recuperation of the function of the larynx.

The next communique will be given on Thursday, 10 March.

1230 (1130 GMT) :: Thursday 3 March

The health of the Holy Father John Paul II continues to improve and show progress. As previously stated, the Pope is eating regularly and spends several hours each day in an armchair.

The surgical wound is healing. The daily sessions for rehabilitation of breathing and speaking continue, with the active collaboration of the Holy Father.

The next bulletin will be issued on Monday, 7 March.

1200 (1100 GMT) :: Monday 28 February

The Holy Father's post-operative phase is taking place without complications.

His general condition and biological parameters continue to be good. The Holy Father is eating regularly, spends some hours in an armchair and has begun exercises to rehabilitate breathing and speaking.

The next communique will be on Thursday, 3 March.

1130 (1030 GMT) :: Friday 25 February

The Holy Father spent a night of tranquil rest. This morning he ate breakfast with a good appetite.

The postoperative situation continues regularly.

He is breathing on his own and cardio-circulatory conditions remain good.

Upon the advice of his doctors, the Pope must not speak for several days so as to favour the recovery of the functions of the larynx.

A new medical bulletin is not foreseen until next Monday 18 February at 1230 (1130 GMT).

2230 (2130 GMT) :: Thursday 24 February

The flu syndrome, which has caused the hospitalisation of the Holy Father today at the Gemelli Polyclinic, had worsened over the last days with renewed consecutive episodes of acute respiratory insufficiency, which were caused by the a pre-existing functional stenosis of the larynx.

This medical situation has suggested that an elective tracheotomy be performed to ensure the patient's adequate ventilation and to favour the solution of the larynx pathology.

The Holy Father, duly informed, gave his consent.

The operation, which began at 2020 (1920 GMT) and ended at 2050 (1950 GMT), was carried out and completed in a positive way. The immediate post-operation course is regular.

The Holy Father will spend the night in his hospital room.

Details of the surgery the Pope underwent


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