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Last Updated: Thursday, 29 September 2005, 12:24 GMT 13:24 UK
EU hesitation vexes Turkish press

The Turkish press is voicing disquiet and doubt as Turkey prepares for long-awaited EU accession talks to begin in Luxembourg on 3 October.

Commentators speak of an "insatiable" EU making ever greater demands on Turkey.

Pressure to recognise Cyprus and the European Parliament's call for Ankara to recognise as genocide the mass killing of Armenians in 1915 are seen as the latest examples of this.

Commentary by Emin Colasan in Hurriyet

We are facing an insatiable monster. No matter what we give, it will not be enough; the monster will not be full... The government is afraid of the approaching EU defeat. Panic has set in.

Commentary by Hasan Cemal in Milliyet

On the verge of 3rd October, there is only one message that must be given to the EU, especially some member countries: Do not overdo it! Ankara is sending this message. The government openly tells Brussels that political patience too has its limits and if they are exceeded, all the efforts so far will be ruined.

Commentary by Mehmet Ali Birand in Posta

Maybe the EU is not aware of it, but it is engaging in a total war of nerves. There are different opinions in the 25 capitals [of the EU member countries]. Each wants a small thing from Turkey, but when we put them together and load them in Turkey's basket, the weight increases incredibly. The one thing that must not be done [by Turkey] is to slam the door and leave.

Commentary by Taha Akyol in Milliyet

With the heated discussions on Turkey, the European Parliament showed what kind of fork in the road the European countries are at. Europe teeters between 'cultural racism' and 'multiculturalism'. Europe really faces two roads and Europe is undecided and confused.

Commentary by Oktay Eksi in Hurriyet

By displaying policies and attitudes that breach trust, the EU member countries have already given us to understand us that the process will be really hard going.

Commentary by Serdar Turgut in Aksam

Entirely because of our wrong moves, we have made ourselves weak and addicted to the EU and we will certainly pay the price for this in the future, if not today.

Commentary by Murat Yetkin in Radikal

Last-minute bargaining always give opportunities for last-minute goals... Ahead of us, there are couple of days which will be hard going.

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