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Last Updated: Tuesday, 15 February, 2005, 18:02 GMT
Irish fury over ambulance clamp
Dublin Airport
Airport police require vehicles to use a multi-storey car park
The Dublin Airport Authority has voiced regret after an ambulance waiting for a seriously injured patient was clamped by airport police.

The privately-run ambulance was clamped on Saturday despite being parked in a section reserved for emergency crews.

An airport spokeswoman said the incident was "deeply regrettable" and promised a policy review.

Paramedics had to use a cash machine to pay for the clamp's removal. Their boss said the clamping was "mind-blowing".

The airport said it would refund the clamping charge of 63 euros (43; $82).

Spokeswoman Siobhan Moore said police had clamped the ambulance because it had remained for about 30 minutes in an emergency area reserved for immediate pick-ups.

The crew was reportedly waiting for a patient injured on a skiing holiday.

The owner of Life Line Ambulances, David Hall, said his company had used the area for the past six years without problems.

He said the authorities should have inquired about the patient's condition before applying a clamp.

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