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Last Updated: Saturday, 17 September 2005, 22:24 GMT 23:24 UK
Street clashes in central Athens
Greek riot police disperse anarchists 17 September 2005
Police responded with tear gas when anarchists threw missiles
Greek riot police have clashed with left-wing anarchists in central Athens.

The anarchists threw petrol bombs and stones at police, who responded with tear gas.

The violence in the student quarter followed a rally by neo-fascists demanding that Turkey should be barred from joining the European Union.

Right-wingers from across Europe have gathered in Greece hoping to attend a two-day rally, Euro-Fest 2005 - although the government has banned it.

About 150 members of Golden Dawn, an ultra-right Greek party, held a demonstration in Athens on Saturday.

They were briefly addressed by Roberto Fiore, the leader of Italy's Forze Nuova neo-fascist party.

The Golden Dawn militants
The Golden Dawn militants were ready for trouble, but soon dispersed
He called on Europe to reject Turkey's application to join the European Union.

The demonstrators gave the Nazi salute beneath the red, white and black flag modelled on the swastika.

The BBC's Malcolm Brabant in Athens says these images are anathema to a nation which fiercely resisted the Germans during World War II.

The clashes began when anarchist militants tried to disrupt the meeting, but were prevented from approaching by the security forces.

The neo-fascists later dispersed, but the left-wingers turned on the police.

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