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Last Updated: Thursday, 10 February 2005, 14:36 GMT
German post delivers Hitler card
Adolf Hitler
Deutsche Post said being dead was no reason not to deliver
German postal staff ensured a postcard to Adolf Hitler sent from England got to its destination, despite the Nazi leader being dead for 60 years.

It was sent to "Fuehrer Adolf Hitler, Reichstag, German Parliament, Berlin, Germany", from an undisclosed address.

Deutsche Post marked on the card that the address was incorrect and that the unidentified sender should be informed.

Without referring to Hitler directly, it added future mail should be sent to the German Bundestag, or Parliament.

The letter was stamped with, "Mail corrected due to insufficient address - please alert sender. Ascertained address: Deutsche Bundestag, 11011 Berlin," according to the German DPA press agency.

Deutsche Post said the delivery of the postcard was evidence of the service's good work.

A spokesman for the postal service told German publication Der Spiegel it had no right to remove mail from circulation simply because the addressee is dead.

A spokesman for the Bundestag confirmed the postcard had been received by their mail handlers.


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