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Last Updated: Friday, 16 September 2005, 17:11 GMT 18:11 UK
EU deadlock on Turkey-Cyprus row
Golden Horn, Istanbul
Turkey's accession talks are due to kick off on 3 October
EU talks in Brussels over how to react to Turkey's continued refusal to recognise Cyprus remain deadlocked.

Officials from all 25 member countries have met for the second time this week in view of Turkey's entry talks, due to start on 3 October.

A special meeting of foreign ministers may be needed to resolve the impasse, says the BBC's Jonny Dymond.

Turkey is angered at the latest developments and says it has already met all the conditions for membership.


"We did not reach a consensus but there was good progress made," a British diplomat who asked not to be named told AP news agency.

Facts and figures about potential EU member Turkey

Cyprus and two more countries are said to have rejected the latest compromise text drafted by Britain, which is currently at the helm of the EU.

In July, Turkey signed a new customs deal with the EU which included the 10 new member countries, but said the move was not tantamount to recognising Cyprus.

According to news agency AFP, the latest UK proposal warned Turkey that "prior recognition of all [EU] member states is a necessary component of accession".

It also threatened to freeze entry negotiations on all transport issues should Turkey prevent Cypriot ships and planes from accessing its ports and airports.

Britain is due to try again next week to bridge the gap.

The international community does not recognise a breakaway state in the North of Cyprus created in 1974 after Turkey invaded that part of the island.

Turkey on its part has so far refused to recognise the Greek Cypriot government in the South.

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