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Thursday, August 19, 1999 Published at 10:16 GMT 11:16 UK

World: Europe

Turkish quake: Can you help? Page 3

Concerned relatives continue to mail us with hope for information on missing loved ones. This is the THIRD page of messages we have received.

Click here for the last messages (since 1100BST on Friday)

Click here for messages received on Friday morning

Click here for messages on Thursday night

Click here for messages we received on Thursday afternoon

Click here for the messages we received on Thursday morning

Click here to read the second page of messages

Click here to read the first messages we received

I am living in Istanbul but my parents and some relatives living in golcuk-izmit-adapazari area. I was there in the morning. the damage is huge... We lost my uncle and a cousin... They are still under the ruins. Telephones are down in this area. Mobile telephones are working but it is still hard to catch a free channel. Istanbul, except Avcilar region is fine. I am in Istanbul and writing this from our house. Golcuk, Adapazari and Yalova are highly damaged. I can try helping people to get info about their relatives if they e-mail a telephone number to me. My phone: 90-216-4640318, email:
Gokhan Keskin, Turkey

For Patthira-TH. Could you let me know where he works, ie Istanbul, Izmir etc or if possible give me a phone number. That should help find him.
Malc Ellery, Turkey

I am seeking information about my family living in Uzun Mustufa in Duzce, Turkiye. Can anyone tell me how serious the damage is in this area? Help would be greatly appreciated. My phone: +44 7714215780. Email:
KENAN ACAR, Scotland

I couldn't go through all the messages and check them, but I wanted to let people know that there's also another service like this available at:

Although it' mostly Turkish (if not all), there's a search page at the following address which could be useful even for non-Turkish-speakers:
Ozgur Huseyinoglu, VA, USA

Am trying to find out whether my friends Karen Vos and Fahhan Ozçelik and their little daughter Enya are O.K. They live in Bahçesehir (Avcilar). Can anyone confirm? thanks in advance. My phone: +30 392 26493 , email:
Steve Andrews, Greece

I have a friend in Turkey his name is Hakan Erdogan..and another one is Hikmet Kocabas (Istanbul Technical University) Does anyone know if they are alive?? Email:
Dilshad, U.S.A

For Sharon-Australia, I have managed to get through to that number and have spoken to Gozde who tells me that both she and your father Patrick are ok. Bodrum was not affected. Regards Malc
Malc Ellery, Turkey

Trying to check that the Sahin family are safe. Their address is Yozbozila Mah, 15 Sok. Sema Coskun, Sitesi A Blok D.2.K.1, Degirmendere, Izmit. Tel: +44 1467 621064. Email:
Linda Morrison, Scotland

I'm trying to contact a friend - Esra Kemaloglu who lives at Adakale cad, Budak sok. Budak Apt.4/1, Florya, Isatanbul. Phone: 2126620347 and mobile:5426710870. If anyone has information I'd be so grateful if you could e-mail me - just one word to know that she's okay!! Or that the area she lives in is okay. My Phone: +972-3-5408608. Email:
Laya Labi, Israel

TO THOMAS CUDDIHY TRYING TO TRACE YOUR BROTHER MICHAEL OATES AND FAMILY: I am an old friend of Michael's and will do whatever I can to find word of him and his family. Do you have an address or telephone number? At the moment I'm trying to get hold of them via another mutual friend David Ross. Please phone me with more details on 0090 212 265 1617 or 0090 532 415 6471 or e-mail me on My thoughts are with you.
Wendy James, Istanbul, Turkey

Looking for Egemen and Mulkiye Calgin. They live in Bakirkoy, Istanbul. Phone number is 212 661 2807. Any information about them or level of damage in Bakirkoy would be appreciated. Thank you. God bless the Turkish people. Tel: + 1 619-464-4951. email:
Christine Stankus, USA

Canan Silay Didem Mersin Alici. Your friends in England want to know if you are okay. Tel: +181 883 1914. Email:
Nick Inman, UK

Please send me any information concerning my son ANDRE GONCIAR (canadian citizen) who was travelling from Kapados to Istanbul. Tel: +1 819 3765072 Email:
Mircea Gonciar, Canada

Anyone have an idea how badly Cinarcik was affected? We've been able to contact almost all of our family in Turkey except our uncle's family there. Does anyone know hoe badly that area was affected? Thanks.
Cengiz Belentepe, USA

I would be extremely grateful to anyone who could email in to say whether or not the Feneryolu-Kadikoy area of Istanbul has been badly affected. I have a close friend who lives there and I am very worried as I have been unable to contact her. Thanks.
Louisa Myers, Scotland

I have relatives and friends in Izmit and Istanbul. The phone lines are all busy. I cannot get to them. I am very curious if they are OK or not. Email:
Serap Yilmaz, USA

I am very distressed to hear of this acquaintance of mine, and a very dear friend of my roommate (who is in London), was in Istanbul. I hope she is alright, and everything is fine with her family...her name is Zumrut Firdevs Alp. I'm not sure where she was staying...she might have even missed it altogether, but I still hope she's okay. What a terrible tragedy! email:
Carol Wade, USA

Can I help at the site? Do you need volunteers?
Wendy Summer, US

I have family who live in Kiziltoprak, Istanbul. I would appreciate hearing from anyone in this area of Istanbul regarding the earthquake.
Bruce Remington, USA

My father Tom Blackwood is British and has been working for Marconi at the Golcuk naval base for the past 2 weeks. Please if anyone knows anything about him can you contact our family. All the reports we have seen have said nothing about any westerners. We have been unable to contact him and would desperately like to know that he is okay. He is 65 years old. If anyone has any news please can you contact me on (+44)7899 811575 or (+44)1727 768733.
Kelvin Blackwood, UK

I am looking for my boss. He is was visiting his family in Turkey. His name is Bahram Bayati. If anyone has any information as to if he is ok, I would appreciate an email as soon as possible. We are all very worried about him and his family.
Kimberly, USA

I'm living at the USA. I have family in Eskisehir and I want to know more about them. Can anyone help?

I am a chartered struct. engineer and Principal Building Control officer in the City of London, I have had extensive experience with the dangerous structures in the bomb blasts in the City and at the Docklands. I am a Fellow of the Inst. of Structural Engeineers and a member of the Institute of Building Control Officers. I have been to Istanbul more than 33 times and know it very well. Also I speak some Turkish and know well how the buildings in Turkey are constructed. I would like to offer my help (unpaid) to go to Istanbul and give them the benefit of my advice etc. on the thousands of buildings which must now be possibly dangerous etc. etc. fax 0044 (0)181 642 6424 phone 0044 (0)181 642 3961
A.Wenham-Prosser, UK

I have family in Eceabat that I am concerned about. Can anyone tell me how badly this area was affected?
Wendy LeBlanc, United States

I need to know what has happened to the Gundogdu family who live in Izmit - whose son is my fiancée. Any ideas as to how I can get any info - please email me back-
Helen Corner, UK

Is there anyone in Gebze? Please contact me as I can not access anyone in that district?
Cemal Doganay, Canada

Looking for my in-laws. They were either in Instanbul or en route to Izmir. Part of Pacha Tours New York. There names are Millard and MaryLou Kent from Midland, Michigan USA
Cassandra Derks-Kent, USA

Hi, My mom dad and two brothers are on vacation in Istanbul. We have had no word. HELP! I read of other people getting news of their families. What can I do. I can not get through on the phone. Tel: 001 323-876-5355.
Alexa Bell, USA

We are looking for sally and Brendan Kelly from Australia holidaying in turkey. If someone knows where or how they are please email and I can pass message to the family.
Kathy Wood, Australia

My Turkish friend, her German husband and their daughter are in Turkey at the moment. I've tried to get through on the phone to area code 212 .. Ilbey sitesi YesilkÖy Istanbul. If someone in that area could email me and perhaps help me to contact them please?
Jane Lachs,

At Tarabya region in Istanbul there is no damage for anyone worrying about relatives or acquaintances.
Tarik Kucuk, Turkey

I am from Turkey, Istanbul. I can say that there is no major pro blems at Etiler, Yenikoy area. The main problem is at Avcilar, Izmit and Yalova. It is extremely difficult to reach Turkey by phone. Yalova, and Izmit is still very difficult to reach (by phone). If your relatives are at Etiler, Yenikoy, Istanbul don't worry...
Pelin Ulger, Turkey

For Patricia-USA. We have spoken to the people at Harmansah and they have told us that Peri is OK. She is currently in Kalkan on the South Coast of Turkey
Malc Ellery, Turkey

Richard Mitchell, Scotland

My daughter, Fiona Chapman - who is very tall, short curly brown hair and English, could be somewhere in Istanbul, with her husband, who is Mexican. He is dark and with shoulder length hair. His name is Rolando Echeverria. They planned to visit Istanbul for a few days around this time, staying in small hotel or hostel and I am sure they would be in the centre near the main tourist buildings. If anyone has seen them please get in touch with me by e-mail or phone. Maybe someone has seen this couple in the centre of town, or perhaps leaving the city by bus before the earthquake happened on Monday night. If so, please could you ask them to get in touch with me. 00 44 171 753 3541
Anne Chapman,

I have a message for Aydin Konar-Nas of Adapazari and the colleagues and students of the Department of Computer Science at Sakarya University: my father Dr. Ahmet Ferit Konar is alive and well in Ayvalik. He was on his way from Ayvalik to Sapanca by bus when the quake hit. His bus could not go beyond Izmit but he was able to find his way to Sapanca by other means. Our home in Sapanca was not seriously damaged. He tried to get to Adapazari but it was not possible. He spent the night in Sapanca and returned to Ayvalik the next day by car. We hope you are well.
Murat Konar, USA

I'm based in Istanbul and can help anyone who is in need of hearing from relatives or friends. Tel: (90)-216-3363955.
Zafer Say, Turkey

There is a message board on a government site which may be of use to people. The URL is The site is in Turkish
Malc Ellery, Turkey

I met someone here on the Internet and would like to know if he is OK. His name is Arikan Sirakaya and he lives in Istanbul. He is a session drummer, plays with the band Late Cummers and is touring with a famous female Turkish artist at this time. His father is a surgeon. If anyone knows anything about him, please contact me. I am praying that I find out if they are OK. My prayers are with everyone at this time.
Tina Widmayer, USA

I have contacted my Friends in Alcatel, Umraniye, Istanbul. According to them, all people working in Alcatel and their immediate relatives are fine. Some relatives suffered minor injuries, though. The earthquake did not affect too much in Kadikoy area. It affected Avcilar side. I too tried telephones, but All circuits were busy. I was able to reach one telephone (kept on ringing, no answer in Etiler area). I was trying to reach Mr Madan who works for Swedish Company Astra.
Anil Kumar, New York, USA

I have close friends travelling in Turkey - anyone with any information about Ahmet Baytas and his family? While I understand Istanbul airport is supposedly open, and tourist spots are relatively unaffected, my friend is Turkish and visiting his parents with his American family. I do not know exactly what cities but if they are travelling, they may be heading to the airport and through the affected cities. Anyone with suggestions how to get any kind of information, please write.
Harry Weinger, USA

I have my best friend missing in Turkey. His name is Michael Goodall (Mike). Last contact with him was on Monday (Australian time - Sunday afternoon in Turkey). He apparently was going to a football game on Sunday in which Instanbul were playing away to another team who have their home ground on/near the Black Sea. We are unsure whether he returned to Instanbul after the game or stayed on/near the Black Sea. He was staying at backpacker places in Instanbul. Any information for his family would be greatly appreciated. Even details on who Instanbul played on the weekend would help to know where the damage have been centralised.
Tom Bekiaris, Australia

I am trying to locate my friend Sevim Korkmaz, an in Ziraat bankasi in Golcuk. Anyone knows her and reads this message, please reply to

I have a sister who lives in Emekevler/Uzunciftlik/Izmit. I can't contact to her from Tuesday. Is there anyone who knows this area?
Teoman Mete, Australia

My mother's family are mostly all in Istanbul. If anyone knows anything concerning Yusuf Mardin or Omer Mardin or any of their family members lpease drop us a line. They are president and vice president of Mardin Shipping. For the past two days we have been unable to get throught and my mother is extremely concerned. Thank you all and God Bless.
Sean Wattles, USA

I am hoping to hear information on the Kubat family (Sevinc, Metin, Selim, Hande) of Istanbul. They live in Yenikoy. Thank you.
Corey Kidwell, USA

My son lives in Etiler, he was out of country during disaster. How did the area survive, will he have a place to go home to? Thank you for this service. My heart goes out to the peoples of Turkey, and I pray for them.
M Owens, USA

I was an exhange student to Izmit in 1984 and I am trying to reach my host family. I am looking forf Ahmet Gencaga, Aydinlor Sok, Seka Apt, Izmit ph.21112210, and Aylin and Hakan Esen, Kosdere Apt, Kucukyali, Istanbul. Please reply to
Anne Tremblay, USA

I've got family in Marmaris and Istanbul and am just trying to find out if everyone's OK. My brother Kenan Akfirat is totally wired so I hope he reads this! His wife is Didem Tufan. Thanks
Jennifer Akfirat, USA

I am concerned about a friend of mine who lives in Fenerbance, Istanbul. I hope that he and his family are fine. If anyone has any news regarding Cem Balcisoy, please contact me. Thank you for your co-operation.
GAN, Tat Hean, Warwickshire

Can anyone please let us know what the situation is in Sapanca. Our love and prayers go out to all the Turkish people. Tel 00 44 161 789 8938 or 00 44 161 861 9273
Lynda, England

Looking for Mustafa Kohlman and mother. Take care everyone.
Mary Keenan, USA

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