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Last Updated: Wednesday, 19 January, 2005, 12:26 GMT
Europeans upset by Bush election
By Chris Morris
BBC News, Brussels

George W Bush
Many Europeans were against Bush's decision to go to war in Iraq
Most Europeans surveyed in a BBC World Service poll were not encouraged by the re-election of George W Bush.

In the major countries of western Europe - Germany, France and the UK - clear majorities say his re-election is negative for global security.

Smaller majorities say their overall view of US influence in the world is mainly negative as well.

The Italians are split, mainly negative about Mr Bush, mainly positive about US influence in general.

The only European country to buck the trend completely is Poland, one of the new members of the European Union, where both Mr Bush and the US get positive marks.

Turks unhappy

The main factor behind the generally negative assessment is almost certainly the war in Iraq.

It has always been deeply unpopular with European public opinion, adding to the perception of Mr Bush in Europe as a unilateralist who refuses to listen to his allies.
Read key points and see graphs from the World Service poll.

More bad news for the president comes from Turkey - a traditional ally of the United States and the only Muslim member of Nato.

Eighty two percent of Turks questioned said they were negative about Mr Bush's re-election, the highest number in any country involved in the survey.

It was with such feelings in mind that the Turkish parliament refused to allow American troops to open a second front from Turkish territory during the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

It was an unexpected snub, from which US-Turkish relations have yet to recover in full.

BBC poll shows scepticism ahead of Bush inauguration


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