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Last Updated: Wednesday, 22 December, 2004, 13:07 GMT
Romanian president names new PM
Calin Tariceanu and Traian Basescu
Tariceanu is a key member of Basescu's 'orange' alliance
The newly-elected Romanian president, Traian Basescu, has nominated a senior member of his party, Calin Tariceanu, to the post of prime minister.

He said Mr Tariceanu had 10 days to present a new government to parliament.

Mr Basescu is trying to build a coalition around his Justice and Truth Alliance, even though it does not have a majority in the parliament.

Last week, Mr Basescu threatened to hold a new parliamentary election if his alliance failed to form a cabinet.

Mr Tariceanu's nomination followed talks with smaller parties on the projected coalition.

Mr Basescu said he chose Mr Tariceanu as the most likely person to form a government committed to fighting corruption.

"I have the obligation to find the political formula to fulfil the commitments for which I was elected and the alliance is the only one to do that," he said.

Earlier this month, Mr Basescu won the presidential election by narrow margin over former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase, of the ruling Social Democratic Party comprised of former Romanian Communist Party members.

But Social Democrats have more seats in the parliament than Mr Basescu's centre-right alliance.

The success of the cabinet depends on smaller parties, who have been urged to join the coalition by the president-elect.

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