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Last Updated: Monday, 20 June 2005, 14:37 GMT 15:37 UK
Moderates win French Muslim poll
Muslims praying in France
France has Europe's largest Muslim minority
Elections to the council representing French Muslims have been won by the traditionalist group that has dominated the body since it was set up in 2003.

The National Federation of French Muslims - a group close to Morocco - took 19 out of the council's 43 seats

The more radical Union of Islamic Organisations of France (UOIF) got 10 seats, three fewer than last time.

The French Council of the Muslim Faith was set up to give an official voice to the country's five million Muslims.

The pro-Algerian Grand Mosque of Paris also showed gains in Sunday's election.

Correspondents say its moderate Imam, Dalil Boubakeur, is in a strong position to be re-elected president of the council this Sunday.

He said he wanted to avoid divisions between Algerians and Moroccans and to make Islam valued in French society.

The UOIF - which is close to the Muslim Brothers movement and often described as fundamentalist - had done well in previous polls for regional councils.

Turnout was 85%. France has the largest Muslim minority in Europe.

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