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Last Updated: Monday, 13 December, 2004, 12:10 GMT
Italy police face G8 raid trial
Anti-G8 protests turn violent in Genoa, 2001
The G8 summit in Genoa was overshadowed by street violence
Italian police accused of violence during a raid against protesters at the G8 summit in Genoa in 2001 must stand trial, a judge has ruled.

Several senior officers are among 28 police charged with lying, slander and complicity to seriously harm protesters at the Diaz school in the city.

It was being used by anti-globalisation protesters as a base at the time.

The summit was marred by violence. One protester was killed and hundreds of police and demonstrators were injured.

Protesters based at the Diaz school alleged that they had been attacked and beaten in their sleep during the raid.

Police chiefs claimed they had acted on a tip-off that activists planning violent protests were hiding in the school.

Almost 100 people were arrested in the raid on the school and taken to a barracks, where it has been alleged that they were beaten and abused by police.

On Monday, Judge Daniela Faraggi confirmed that 28 police face trial in connection with the raid, which was a key flashpoint during a violent weekend.

One officer under investigation will not face charges.


The trial will start on 6 April next year, the judge said.

Around 100,000 anti-globalisation activists converged on Genoa in 2001 to protest at the time of the G8 summit of leading industrialised nations.

Police and a protester, Genoa, 2001
Protesters claimed they were targeted by heavily-handed police

Reports on the clashes between police and protesters focused attention on the behaviour of Italy's carabinieri police force as local media published pictures showing blood smeared on the walls of the Diaz school in the wake of the raid.

The head of Italy's anti-terrorism unit, the country's second highest-ranking police officer, and the Genoa police chief were all disciplined amid inquiries into police behaviour during the protests.

The trial of 26 protesters charged with vandalism, robbery and illegal possession of explosives at the summit opened in June.

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