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Serb general faces Hague tribunal
Graves in Sarajevo
Mostly civilians were killed during the Sarajevo siege
A Bosnian Serb general indicted for war crimes during the 1992-95 Bosnian war is to be handed over to The Hague, the chief UN war crimes prosecutor says.

"Dragomir Milosevic... will be transferred today [Friday] from Serbia," Carla Del Ponte said.

The suspect is charged with organising the siege and shelling of Sarajevo that left nearly 12,000 people dead.

In another development, a UK court has backed the extradition of a Serb to stand trial for war crimes in Croatia.

The suspect, Damir Travica, is accused of taking part in arson and the killing of a Croatian family during the Balkan conflict in 1992. He is currently being held at London's Brixton Prison.

'Medieval hell'

Ms Del Ponte announced Mr Milosevic's forthcoming handover at a news conference in Sarajevo.

Stanislav Galic
Galic was jailed for 20 years in 2003

"I have no other details, it seems that it was a voluntary surrender," she said.

Mr Milosevic, who is now a retired general, was a commander of Serb troops deployed around the Bosnian capital in the final year of the war.

The UN court charged Mr Milosevic, 62, in 1998 with crimes against humanity and violation of the laws or customs of war, including the shelling of a Sarajevo market in 1995 that killed 43 civilians.

"The forces under the command and control of Dragomir Milosevic conducted a campaign of sniping and shelling against the civilian population of Sarajevo," the indictment said.

Another Serb commander on the same indictment, Stanislav Galic, was tried at The Hague and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Prosecutors at his trial said Bosnian Serb forces had plunged the city into a "medieval hell" during the 43-month siege.

Justice for Sarajevo
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