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Last Updated: Thursday, 28 October, 2004, 20:47 GMT 21:47 UK
Spain arrests more bomb suspects
Spanish police
Police seized videos and tapes during the arrests
Spanish police have arrested 13 more suspected Islamist militants in connection with an alleged plot to blow up the High Court in Madrid.

Investigators into the train attacks of 11 March, in which bombers killed 191 people in the Spanish capital, are based at the court.

Eight of the new arrests were made in Madrid, Cadiz and Valencia while five suspects were already in custody.

They bring to 30 the number of arrests in connection with the alleged plot.


National Court Judge Baltasar Garzon imprisoned 17 suspects - 10 of them already in prison for other crimes - last week on suspicion of being members of a group called Martyrs for Morocco.

"These [new] arrests are the result of all the documentation seized from the detainees last week and all the information gathered by the judge during their interrogations," a police official told The Associated Press on customary condition of anonymity.

The plan is said to have involved detonating a lorry loaded with 500 kg (1,100 lb) of explosives near the High Court and Supreme Court. No weapons or explosives have been found.

The 13 new suspects are said to include nine Algerians and four Moroccans.

Extradition battle

A man being held in Switzerland is fighting extradition to Spain to face charges of planning the attack on Madrid's highest court.

Mohamed Achraf is said to be an Algerian leader of a militant Islamist group.

The interior ministry says suspects were in contact with other individuals in Europe, the US and Australia.

Around 20 suspects are currently being held in custody over alleged links to the March attacks on commuters in Madrid.

A further seven were killed when their explosives blew up as police approached their hide-out in Madrid.

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