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Last Updated: Tuesday, 27 July, 2004, 00:02 GMT 01:02 UK
Norway hotel staff want porn ban
Triple-X film screen
Pay-TV porn is causing bad behaviour, say hotel staff
Norway's hotel workers are pressing for a ban on pay-TV pornography to protect staff from sexual advances from over-excited guests.

The main hotel and restaurant employee union says a growing number of its staff are facing such harassment.

It says some guests, often businessmen, call the reception for extras - such as fresh towels - to lure female staff.

"It can be very unpleasant to get called to a room to be met by a naked man," said a union official.

"Some have found themselves in the presence of men watching X-rated movies and several have been accosted," Eli Ljunggren said.

"We have received complaints from a number of our members who have found themselves in very uncomfortable situations while in the rooms," Ms Ljunggren added during an interview on Norway's public radio station, NRK.

The Scandinavian country has some of the strictest pornography laws in the world.

However, most Norwegian hotels broadcast erotic films for a special fee.


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