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Last Updated: Sunday, 25 July, 2004, 02:39 GMT 03:39 UK
Second Madrid bombing car found
Damaged train
The Madrid attacks killed 191 people
Police in Spain have found a second car used in the train bombings in Madrid in March, reports say.

The abandoned rental car was discovered in the town of Alcala de Henares, where several of the bombs are thought to have been loaded on to trains, in June.

Spanish newspaper El Mundo said the car was parked 30 metres from where another vehicle also believed to have been used by the bombers was found.

The bomb blasts on four commuter trains caused the deaths of 191 people.

A judge has led the investigation into the bombings, questioning dozens of people and bringing provisional charges against 20 people, most of whom are in prison.


A resident of the Madrid suburb alerted police to the car after noticing it had been abandoned, El Mundo said.

Police treated it as a stolen vehicle and returned it to the rental company, whose staff started to clean it - before discovering a suitcase inside containing suspicious material.

"Much of the evidence that the terrorists left inside the car disappeared in the course of the cleaning of the car," the daily said.

DNA tests confirmed that the car was used by two suspected suspects in the case, one of whom blew themselves up in a flat in April to avoid arrest, the report said.

A police source told the Associated Press news agency that investigators believe the bombers used the car to transport some of the explosives used in the blasts.


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