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Last Updated: Wednesday, 23 June, 2004, 09:26 GMT 10:26 UK
French singer drops jail appeal
Bertrand Cantat in court to hear the verdict
Cantat said he was deeply sorry for Trintignant's death
French rock star Bertrand Cantat has dropped plans to appeal against the length of sentence he received for killing his actress lover.

Cantat, 40, was given an eight year jail term by a court in Lithuania for causing the death of Marie Trintignant.

The actress died after a violent fight in a hotel room in Vilnius last year.

Her family, which launched an appeal against the length of the sentence on the grounds that it was too short, has also halted appeal proceedings.

This clears the way for Cantat, lead singer of rock band Noir Desir, to be repatriated to serve the rest of his sentence in France.

Ms Trintignant's killing and Cantat's trial gripped France, where both are well-known personalities.

'Take responsibility'

During the trial, the court heard that Cantat hit Ms Trintignant four times as they rowed in a Vilnius hotel last July.

Ms Trintignant, the daughter of French film star Jean-Louis Trintignant, fell into a coma and died five days later from swelling of the brain.

Cantat admitted having caused her death but said it was a tragic accident.

Nadine Trintignant, the victim's mother, has rejected Cantat's explanations, and labelled him a "murderer" in a book she wrote about her daughter.

On Wednesday, lawyer Georges Kiejman said Nadine Trintignant, had never really wanted to appeal in the first place but did it for procedural reasons, according to the Associated Press.

Cantat's lawyer Olivier Metzner said the singer wanted to "take responsibility" for his actions.

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