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Timeline: Dickinson inquiry
Caroline Dickinson
Caroline was killed on a school trip eight years ago
The trial and conviction of a man accused of murdering Cornish schoolgirl Caroline Dickinson came eight years after the 13-year-old's body was found in a hostel dormitory in France.

18 July 1996: Unknown to her schoolteachers and fellow pupils, Caroline is raped and killed in a dormitory she shares with four other girls during a school trip from Launceston Community College, Cornwall.

19 July 1996: Caroline's body is discovered at 0800 in the dormitory in the village of Pleine Fougeres, Brittany.

About 50 French Gendarmes begin work on the case.

20 July 1996: French police arrest a vagrant, who is later released following a DNA test.

November 1997: The French magistrate, Renaud Van Ruymbeke, leading the investigation into the death, visits Britain for a three-day fact-finding mission.

Francisco Arce Montes
Francisco Arce Montes, 54, is originally from Spain

December 1998: A homeless man arrested by French police in Marseilles is released after DNA tests prove negative.

2 February 1999: The UK Government urges France to investigate more thoroughly the deaths of British nationals after Caroline's father, John, calls for more action by French authorities in attempting to solve the crime.

10 December 1999: Caroline's mother Sue Dickinson loses her civil claim for damages against Cornwall County Council over her daughter's death, after a judge rules school staff supervising the trip were not at fault.

October 2000: Caroline's father makes his 18th trip to France to appeal for help from the public in the case.

11 March 2001: Spaniard Francisco Arce Montes is arrested in Florida after allegedly breaking into a woman's apartment.

March 2001: A US immigration officer visiting the UK links Caroline's murder to Montes after reading a newspaper article about the girl's murder.

5 April 2001: An inquest at Bodmin Magistrates Court into Caroline's death records a verdict of unlawful killing.

April 2001: French police issue a warrant for Montes's arrest after DNA tests allegedly show a match.

June 2001: A US judge rules Montes should be extradited to France.

19 November 2001: He is handed over to American federal marshals in Miami.

20 November 2001: The former lorry driver is extradited to France for questioning by investigators.

October 2003: Montes is transferred to a psychiatric unit at a prison outside Paris.

1 June 2004: He is taken to Rennes, France, to stand trial.

7 June 2004: The trial into Caroline's rape and murder opens in Rennes.

14 June 2004: The jury takes just over four hours to reach a guilty verdict. Montes is sentenced to 30 years in prison.

23 June 2004: Montes launches an appeal against his conviction and sentence.

21 June 2005: Retrial starts at court of appeal in St Brieuc.

28 June 2005: The court upholds the 30 year sentence imposed on Francisco Arce Montes for the rape and murder of Caroline Dickinson.

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