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Last Updated: Thursday, 14 October, 2004, 11:52 GMT 12:52 UK
Serbs admit Srebrenica death toll
Srebrenica massacre grave
Serb forces tried to cover up the Srebrenica crime
A Bosnian Serb official report admits for the first time that more than 7,000 Muslims were massacred at Srebrenica.

The Bosnian Serb news agency SRNA said the commission's report on the 1995 massacre was being submitted to the Bosnian Serb government on Friday.

The report says "more than 7,000 Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslims) were killed in Srebrenica," commission member Smail Cehic told SRNA.

The UN war crimes tribunal in The Hague has described the massacre as genocide.

In June the Bosnian Serb president admitted for the first time that Serb forces had committed the massacre - but he avoided giving a definite figure for the victims.

The massacre occurred after Serb forces stormed a UN-designated safe area during the brutal war in Bosnia-Hercegovina.


A commission member, Djordje Stojakovic, told the AFP news agency that the commission had "made the most objective and the most correct list of those killed in Srebrenica".

"We had more than 30 sources of information but the list is not final. I'm not sure that there will be a final list ever," he added.

The Bosnian Serbs' political leader during the 1992-95 war, Radovan Karadzic, and his military commander, Ratko Mladic, are still on the run.

Both men have been indicted by the UN tribunal for war crimes and genocide for their alleged roles in the Srebrenica massacre, but they remain at large somewhere in the former Yugoslavia.

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