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Profile: Paul Andreu
Paul Andreu
Paul Andreu has designed airports throughout the world
The man who designed terminal 2E at Paris' Charles de Gaulle-Roissy airport - which partially collapsed on Sunday - is internationally-renowned French architect Paul Andreu.

He is one of the world's leading experts in airport design and has worked on more than 40 such projects worldwide, including Shanghai, Cairo, Bangkok, Osaka and Dubai.

He also designed the French terminal of the Channel Tunnel.

Mr Andreu, 65, is currently working on a 2,500-seat National Theatre in Beijing.

Known as the "egg-shell", the $320m glass and titanium building, set in an artificial lake, has been the source of much discussion in Beijing due to its eye-catching design.

Many residents believe it does not fit in with surrounding structures in Tiananmen Square, but others have hailed the design as a showcase for modern China, as Beijing prepares to host the Olympics in 2008.

Passion for airports

It is not the first time Mr Andreu's projects have caused a stir among locals.

When work was completed on terminal 1 of Charles De Gaulle airport in 1974, eyebrows were raised at its modern design. But it did go some way towards establishing Paris as one of Europe's leading hubs.

Mr Andreu went on to design the rest of the airport. His design for terminal 2E has been described as one of his boldest yet.

Describing the concrete, glass and metal structure, which opened in 2003, Mr Andreu said it might have been "bold", but was "nothing revolutionary" in architecture terms.

In the preface to a book on airport design, Airport Builders by Marcus Binney, Mr Andreu says that from an architectural point-of-view, the 1990s may come to be seen as "the age of the air terminal", as other eras were seen as the age of the railway station or the age of the cathedral.

His other projects include a football stadium in southern China and the Maritime Museum in Osaka, Japan - a futuristic steel dome built on reclaimed land and accessed through a submerged tunnel.


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