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Last Updated: Tuesday, 4 May, 2004, 14:00 GMT 15:00 UK
Terror suspect tried in Germany
Bochum demonstration
Anti-war protesters were among Garnaoui's targets, prosecutors say.
A Tunisian man with alleged links to al-Qaeda has gone on trial in Germany, accused of trying to set up a terror group there.

Ihsan Garnaoui, 33, was arrested in Berlin in March last year.

German prosecutors say he was trained at a camp run by Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan and told to attack American and Jewish targets in Germany.

Mr Garnaoui's lawyer has rejected the charges, saying there is no proof his client was ever in Afghanistan.

Police say they found bomb-making materials at his apartment in Berlin.

'Bombing plans'

According to prosecutors, Mr Garnaoui received training at an al-Qaeda camp in 2001 and received orders to organise attacks and recruit like-minded Muslims.

According to the indictment, he returned to Germany in January 2003.

Prosecutors also say he was planning to detonate bombs during an anti-war protest at the start of the Iraq conflict in March - he was arrested before the protest.

Germany has tried a number of terror suspects, including two Moroccans accused in connection with the 11 September attacks on the US.

One, Abdelghani Mzoudi, was cleared in February. The other, Mounir al-Motassadek, was convicted last year but last month a court ordered him to be freed on bail to await a retrial.

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