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Last Updated: Tuesday, 14 September, 2004, 11:40 GMT 12:40 UK
'Cannonball Run' cars impounded
Cannonball Run competitor
Each driver was fined by police for taking part in the rally
A team of drivers have had their plans for a "Cannonball Run" style rally interrupted after police in Spain impounded around 70 of their vehicles.

Cars, including Ferraris and Porsches were seized by police in Girona, who said the event was illegal.

Organisers Cannonball Run Europe, named after the films and races in the US, insist the trip is not a race.

The mainly British participants each paid 3,000 for the six-day journey, taking them from London to Benidorm.

'Strict rules'

Police in Girona told the Guardian newspaper that two of the cars had been caught doing 125mph along a motorway.

Rally organiser Tim Porter said: "We are not here to race. This is just an event we save up for and hold every year.

Some of the drivers were fined when they were parked up. It is just ridiculous
Tim Porter
"This is a very safe holiday event. We explain our strict rules and regulations to the drivers every time they drive".

"I am very passionate about cars and having fun and having a sense of humour. We are all cheesed off about this because we have been unfairly labelled."

Mr Porter insisted the only time the team were allowed to drive fast was at a racetrack in Albacete, which they hire for the day at the end of the rally.

According to Mr Porter police fined each driver 350 euros (240) each plus legal fees of 600 euros (410) in order for the cars to be released.

The team's website recorded that all 122 cars taking part had reached their destination by 0900 BST on Tuesday.

"The way the Spanish police have treated us over this is appalling," said Mr Porter.

"Some of the drivers were fined when they were parked up. It is just ridiculous."

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