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Last Updated: Thursday, 8 April, 2004, 14:00 GMT 15:00 UK
German hoax caller gets probation
Dusseldorf airport
Hundreds of flights were cancelled or delayed
A woman who made hoax bomb calls to German airports because she wanted to avoid a holiday with her boyfriend, has been given two years' probation.

Marina Busbosnjac, 29, pleaded guilty to making the threats last September.

Her call meant Dusseldorf international airport was shut down for six hours, thousands of people were evacuated and 200 flights were cancelled.

She told the court she had been trying to keep her relationship with her boyfriend a secret from her family.

Holidays were hell
Marina Busbonjac
Croatian-born Busbosnjac said she had needed an excuse not to fly away on holiday with him.

She said she made similar calls to two Frankfurt and Cologne-Bonn airports on the same day, in one call mentioning al-Qaeda to make her warning appear more credible.

"I was torn between my parents and my boyfriend," she said. "Holidays were hell. I constantly had to lie to my parents. I couldn't say to my boyfriend that we couldn't travel."

Busbosnjac said her parents were disapproving of her Polish boyfriend and she decided to call off the holiday with him to the Canary Islands.

But she did not want him to think it was because of her parents, so she dreamed up the idea of making the hoax calls with her mobile telephone.

She had hoped to only get the flight cancelled.

Her lawyer said she now faces possible compensation demands for at least 1.5m euros (1.18 m).


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