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EU enlargement quiz: Malta
This is the eighth in a series of 10 quizzes on the 10 countries joining the EU on 1 May.

Malta first applied to join the European Union back in 1990, but the country temporarily halted the application in 1997. Now that it is finally set to become a member, test your knowledge about the country with this interactive quiz.

Question 1
The Maltese falcon, the jewel encrusted statue of the 1941 film of the same name starring Humphrey Bogart is fictitious. But there is a ancient story about Maltese falcons. What is it?
A: Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V, ceded the island to the crusading Knights of Malta in return for a symbolic annual rent of a live falcon
B: The birds of prey were said to have guarded the treasures of the temples of Hagar Qim, including famous neolithic statuettes of gargantuan women and the Tree of Life
C: A falcon was believed to have led the apostle Paul to safety after he was shipwrecked on Malta in 60AD
Question 2
In sporting terms, which of the following can Malta NOT boast?
A: That it has some of the biggest Manchester United FC supporters’ clubs in the world
B: That one of the fastest snooker players in the world, Tony Drago, is Maltese
C: That striker Carmel Busuttil has been voted European Footballer of the Year twice
Question 3
Where is the name Malta thought to have come from?
A: Melita - which means honey in Greek. They colonised the island in the eighth century BC
B: The 18th century economist TR Malthus. The then unnamed island's practices perfectly illustated the Malthusian concept of population control
C: It is a bastardisation of mitre, the bishop's headwear. Malta was home to a number of famous clergyman in the Middle Ages
Question 4
Which cross features on the Maltese flag?
A: The George Cross – the only one to be awarded to a country for bravery
B: The Maltese Cross – commemorating the island’s connection with the Knights of Saint John
C: The St Benedict Cross – more than 90% of the population is Catholic
Question 5
What should you NOT plan to do in Malta?
A: Get divorced. It is not permitted.
B: Get drunk. Bars are not allowed to serve more than three beers to customers
C: Phone home after 2300. The lines are only for emergency use
Question 6
Why does Malta have a big problem with water?
A: Its population is growing rapidly and threatening natural water resources
B: It has been hit hard by climate change and lakes and rivers are drying up
C: It has no lakes or rivers
Question 7
What film connection does Malta have?
A: British actor and legendary hellraiser Oliver Reed died of heart trouble in a bar in the capital Valletta while on location filming the Oscar-winning film Gladiator
B: Valletta is one of the settings for Troy, the swords-and-sandals epic starring Brad Pitt as Achilles and Sean Bean as a gruff Yorkshire Odysseus to be released in May
C: It was one of the settings of the 2002 remake of Alexandre Dumas' classic story The Count of Monte Cristo
D: All of the above
Question 8
Ahead of EU enlargement, officials in Brussels found it almost impossible to fill the 130 posts for Maltese interpreters. Why?
A: It is the only Semitic tongue written in the Roman alphabet and is only spoken by the island’s 400,000 citizens
B: English is the language of choice in general conversation for 98% of the island's people, so few people speak Maltese
C: There are so many words specific to technical legislation that simply don’t exist in Maltese
Question 9
What normally fatal incident did St Paul survive in Malta, according to the New Testament.
A: He got bitten by a poisonous snake
B: He was stoned by an angry mob
C: He was trapped underwater during a shipwreck
Question 10
What is a Kinnie?
A: Malta’s very own soft drink, a blend of bitter orange and aromatic spices
B: A small pastry filled with fried rabbit and the local erenula herb which is eaten on feast days
C: A traditional pipe originally smoked by the fishermen of Gozo

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