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Dutch bid farewell to ex-monarch
Hearse drives through streets of The Hague
Juliana was buried next to her parents in Delft
The Dutch have been bidding a final farewell to their former queen Juliana, who died aged 94 on 20 March.

Thousands lined the streets as the coffin made the journey from The Hague to Delft, where the ex-queen was buried near her ancestor William of Orange.

Members of Europe's royal families, as well as hundreds of ordinary people, attended the ceremony.

Princess Juliana, who was queen for 32 years until 1980, won public affection with her informal manner.

Her death came after a period of prolonged illness.

Young and old

The former queen's coffin was brought out of the royal Noordeinde Palace in the Dutch city of The Hague, and placed in a hearse with opaque white screens at the sides.

She was the right Queen for the right time
Petra Graafland
Government worker

Her body had lain in state in the palace for over a week, as mourners and messages of condolence poured in.

The hearse made its way through the cobbled streets of The Hague towards the burial place, the royal crypt under the Nieuwe Kerk, or New Church, in the town of Delft, 13 km (8m) away.

She was buried next to her parents, Queen Wilhelmina and Prince Hendrik.

Juliana, then Dutch queen, visiting Zeeland in 1953 (Dutch royal family photo)
Juliana impressed Dutch subjects with her common touch

The service was led by pastor Welmet Hudig-Semeijns, who spoke of Juliana's dislike of protocol and longing to lead a simple life.

Earlier, generations of Dutch, from schoolchildren to Juliana's own contemporaries, watched from behind an honour guard of 9,000 lining the route.

"I think she was a Queen who was very liked by the people. She was the right Queen for the right time," said Petra Graafland, a 53-year-old local government worker from Delft, as she waited outside the church for the cortege to arrive.

The security operation for the funeral was huge, with helicopters flying overhead.

Members of several European royal families, including King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain and Prince Philip of Britain, attended, along with representatives of royal families around the world.

Thwarted republicans

Princess Juliana presided over Holland's emergence from post-World War II gloom into an era of liberal social policy and economic growth.

The BBC's Geraldine Coughlan in The Hague says she was known as the "bicycling monarch" and she shopped at the local supermarket and sent her children to state school.

Her popularity prompted the Labour Party to drop its demand to turn the country into a republic, our correspondent says.

Queen Juliana abdicated the title in favour of her daughter, Queen Beatrix, in 1980.

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