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Last Updated: Thursday, 18 March 2004, 15:24 GMT
Extract: 'Al-Qaeda' warns of more attacks
The Abu Hafs al-Masri Brigades, which has claimed responsibility for the Madrid bomb attacks, has declared a truce in Spain but warned that it is gearing up for new attacks.

Below is an extract of a letter allegedly written by the group, which claims to act on behalf of al-Qaeda, sent to the London-based Arabic newspaper al-Quds on Wednesday. It names Japan, Italy, Britain and Australia as possible future targets.

Praise be to God who granted us the victory of Madrid and destroyed one of the pillars of the evil Crusader axis...

We gave the Spanish people the choice between war and peace, and they have chosen peace of their own will by electing the party which was against the US coalition in the war against Islam.

In view of this, the leadership has chosen to suspend all operations in Spain against civilian targets, until we know the stance of the new government which has promised to withdraw Spanish forces from Iraq, and until we confirm the non-interference of the new government in Muslim affairs.

The brigade's death squads are at your doors and will hit with an iron hand at an appropriate time and in an appropriate place

Because of this we call on all our agent groups in Europe to suspend all operations...

Take note of this, you puppets.

The brigade's death squads are at your doors and will hit with an iron hand at an appropriate time and in an appropriate place, particularly against Arab and Muslim agents such as Musharraf or al-Saud.

Time has no mercy and we are now gearing up for the next attack.

Can you see among yourselves who has a role?

Is it Japan, the USA, Italy, Britain, al-Saud or Australia...

A word for the foolish Bush.

We know that you live in the worst days of your life in fear of death squads which spoilt your world and we are very keen that you do not lose in the forthcoming elections as we know very well that any big attack can bring down your government and this is what we do not want.

We cannot get anyone who is more foolish than you, who uses force instead of wisdom and diplomacy.

Your stupidity and religious extremism is what we want as our people will not awaken from their deep sleep except when there is an enemy...

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