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Last Updated: Friday, 23 January, 2004, 16:16 GMT
German cannibal 'fit for trial'
Armin Meiwes on the first day of his trial
Mr Meiwes was declared incapable of "warm and tender feelings"
Self-confessed German cannibal Armin Meiwes "is fully fit for trial and not mentally ill", a second psychiatrist testified on Friday.

"He carried out an act that was planned and prepared," Georg Stolpman told the court in the city of Kassel.

His testimony, along with that of other experts, means that Mr Meiwes can be held criminally liable.

He has admitted killing and eating Bernd-Juergen Brandes, but says it was "killing on demand" and not murder.

Professor Stolpman said Mr Meiwes was incapable of showing "warm and tender feelings towards others".

With this act, Meiwes thought only of his goal, not of Brandes needs - Meiwes realised his dream
Professor Georg Stolpman
His difficult relationship with his mother meant that he did not learn how to maintain relationships.

He apparently fantasised about a friend who would never leave him, and the arrival of the internet and e-mail encouraged him to act out this fantasy, Mr Stolpman said.

The expert described Mr Meiwes as "extremely smug and self-assured" and as having a "schizoid personality" - but said he detected no indication of mental illness.

He said the aacused enjoyed the publicity he was getting.

Verdict in a week

"I believe the accused was above all fascinated by the act of cutting up corpses. Killing was a necessary evil to achieve that end
Sexologist Klaus Beier
Sexologist Klaus Beier told the court on Monday that the 42-year old computer technician "had at least average intelligence and showed no signs of psychiatric illness".

"I believe the accused was above all fascinated by the act of cutting up corpses," he said.

"Killing was a necessary evil to achieve that end."

Another psychiatrist testified last month that the self-confessed cannibal had a personality disorder but did not need to be kept in a psychiatric hospital.

A verdict is expected next Friday.

Cannibalism is not a crime under the German constitution, but the crime of murder carries a minimum 15-year prison sentence.

The maximum sentence for "killing on demand" is five years.

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