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Anna Lindh trial - transcript
The self-confessed killer of Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh has told a Stockholm court that voices in his head made him attack the politician.

Mijailo Mijailovic, who denies murder, was cross examined on Wednesday afternoon. Below are key excerpts from a transcription published on the website of Swedish radio Ekot.

Mijailo Mijailovic
Mijailovic said he was "feeling very poorly"
Mijailo Mijailovic was cross-examined by Prosecutor Khrister Petersson after the lunch interval on Wednesday (14 January). He gave brief answers and became irritated when pressed by the prosecutor.

He talked about what he did on 10 September, how he travelled into Stockholm, visited various shops and ended up in the NK department store.

However, he had no exact recollection of what he did there and how, he said. He "was feeling very poorly".

Defence solicitor Peter Althin asked Mr Mijailovic about the tablets he takes and he replied that he had been given tablets.

He said he takes 10 tablets a day in custody, primarily anti-depressants.

"It is in order to sleep better and not hear voices. The tablets are better than the ones I used to take," Mr Mijailovic said in the (police) interview which has been archived.

Mr Althin said Mr Mijailovic felt very poorly on 10 September.

I could not withstand the voice - it said 'attack, attack'
Mijailo Mijailovic
Mr Althin: "How did you feel?"

Mr Mijailovic: "I felt unhappy and depressed. I was carrying a knife and wearing a bullet-proof vest when I went into town on 10th."

Mr Althin: "Did you have any particular errand on 10 September?"

Mr Mijailovic: "No, I didn't."

Mr Althin: "You were in PUB and NK (department stores)?"

Mr Mijailovic: "Yes, I was. I was just walking around there. I could not withstand the voice - it said 'attack, attack'."

Mr Althin: "You can't remember if you stabbed once or twice?"

Mr Mijailovic: "No, I can't remember."

Mr Althin: "Why did you throw away the knife?"

Mr Mijailovic: "I panicked."

Mr Althin: "You have talked to relatives and friends about what you did?"

It should not have happened like this
Mijailo Mijailovic
Mr Mijailovic: "Yes, I have."

Mr Althin: "It seems contradictory to talk about it and destroy evidence?"

Mr Mijailovic: "Yes, I don't know how I work."

Mr Althin: "You watched television all night. What did you think about?"

Mr Mijailovic: "I hoped that she would live."

Mr Althin: "What do you feel now?"

Mr Mijailovic: "I feel regret."

Mr Althin: "What happened when you went (to seek medical assistance) after the incident?"

Mr Mijailovic: "I was given tablets and then they threw me out."

Mr Althin: "You were living at home in the days before the police took you into custody?"

Mr Mijailovic: "Yes, I was living at home at that time."

Mr Althin: "You have heard the accusations that you saw her on level one?"

Mr Mijailovic: "No, I haven't."

Mr Althin: "Why her exactly?"

Mr Mijailovic: "I don't know."

Mr Althin: "It was an event that happened at random, you say. Is this a correct description?"

Mr Mijailovic: "Yes it is."

Mr Althin: "Is there anything you wish to raise or say?"

Mr Mijailovic: "No, there is nothing I want to say."

Mr Althin: "Can you live with what you just said?"

Mr Mijailovic: "Yes."

Mr Althin: "A question from the court about the voices. How long have you been hearing them?"

Mr Mijailovic: "For several years."

Mr Althin: "You feel sorrow about what happened, you say. What should have happened?"

"It should not have happened like this," the accused said.

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