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Thursday, November 20, 1997 Published at 22:02 GMT

World: Europe

Lenin's bank account listed on the Internet
image: [ Claims could be made against Lenin's account ]
Claims could be made against Lenin's account

The Russian revolutionary leader, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, is believed still to have a bank account in Switzerland.

Details of the account have appeared on the Internet in a list published by Swiss banks with the intention of helping Jewish groups to identify the accounts of Holocaust victims.

The list includes all dormant accounts, among them the one believed to be Lenin's. He once lived in Zurich.

Filed under Wladimir Ulianow, the germanised version of his original name, Vladimir Ulyanov, it is said to contain less than one hundred Swiss Francs - the equivalent of $70 (42).

Silvya Matile, spokeswoman for the Association of Swiss Bankers, said it would be impossible to know for sure whether the name was in fact that of the Russian politician.

But anyone wishing to lay a claim to the Lenin account could follow normal procedure, she said.

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