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Last Updated: Monday, 8 December, 2003, 22:11 GMT
Cannibal 'sought other victims'
Armin Meiwes on the first day of his trial
Meiwes wanted to kill and dismember more people
A self-confessed German cannibal on trial for killing and eating a man he met via the internet has told a court he had sought more willing victims.

Armin Meiwes said he corresponded with a person who wanted to be slaughtered following the killing of Berliner Bernd-Juergen Brandes in March, 2001.

On Monday, the court in Kassel was shown a series of videotapes of the killing, which Mr Meiwes recorded.

Mr Meiwes said Mr Brandes consented to being stabbed to death and eaten.

Prosecutors say the killing was sexually motivated, but Mr Meiwes' lawyers say Mr Brandes was willingly killed and not murdered.

Flesh 'almost gone'

Mr Meiwes, 42, told the court that after he killed Mr Brandes he explored chat rooms and websites looking for other people who sought the same fate.

Bernd-Juergen Brandes
Brandes 'asked to be stabbed to death'
He wrote an email to a friend, saying: "I hope I will soon find another victim, the flesh [on Mr Brandes' corpse] has almost gone."

Investigators say Mr Meiwes ate three stone (20 kg) of flesh from Mr Brandes' body, which he dismembered and stored in a freezer.

Mr Meiwes said he communicated via email with a person who called themselves Albineu, who also wanted to be killed.

He said he did not kill anyone other than Mr Brandes, although he conceded he "would have done if the chance had presented itself".

Video horror

The five judges on the panel cleared the public from the court before they viewed three 90-minute videotapes of Mr Brandes' death and dismemberment.

A police officer who has seen the tapes said Mr Meiwes appeared "excited but not sexually aroused" as he cut the body into pieces.

Mr Meiwes said Mr Brandes wanted to be stabbed to death after drinking a bottle of medicine to make him lose consciousness.

The pair had earlier partly eaten Mr Brandes' penis, which Mr Meiwes cut off with, he says, Mr Brandes' consent.

Mr Meiwes said killing Mr Brandes had been "far worse than I had imagined in my fantasies".

He said he recognised that eating him was "a taboo for which I must justify myself before God and the whole world".

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