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Embalmed Lenin to have new suit
Lenin's embalmed body in the mausoleum on the Red Square
For decades Lenin's tomb was a popular tourist attraction
The embalmed body of Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin, on show in a Moscow mausoleum, is to get a new suit, a Russian official says.

The founder of the Soviet state will be given new clothes in November-December, embalming expert Yuri Denisov-Nikolsky told Russia's RIA Novosti news agency.

New clothes - including a trademark white spotted tie - are ordered for Lenin every three years, he said.

Lenin has been in the mausoleum since his death in 1924.

Mr Denisov-Nikolsky said the new suit would be Lenin's 10th during the 30 years in which he has been involved in preserving the body.

He said that when Lenin was first buried in the Red Square's mausoleum, he was dressed in a military uniform.

But shortly before the 1941-1945 war "someone decided that the uniform symbolised Lenin's militant character and totalitarian policy, and he was immediately dressed in civilian clothes", Mr Denisov-Nikolsky said.

The expert added that since last year's inspection he had "noticed no changes in Vladimir Lenin's body".

Since the collapse of the former Soviet Union in 1991, some Russian officials have demanded that Lenin's body should be removed from the mausoleum and finally buried - in line with the revolutionary leader's wishes.

But Russia's Communist Party has strongly objected to the idea, and parliament has repeatedly put off debating the issue.

Lenin to be buried
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